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My goal is to provide you with the information you need to feel confident with your online presence    Everybody Googles now and your websites is a key component to getting your name and your work out to the world.

I have lots of ideas to provide you some of the tools you would need to build your own site as well as resources you could use to make this process a little easier, but I need to know what you want.

I remember being overwhelmed with all the information that is available, blogs, newsletters. internet marketing, the cloud, u-tube, etc.

I want to try to provide you with a step by step plan so you can figure it all out, therefore I think I was a bit hasty with my post last week.  A lot of us are a generation behind, we were not born with a cell phone in our hands.  Heck, I remember getting my first colour tv.  The world has changed and it is my mission to make the process of learning easy for you.  I know I won’t have all the answers myself, but I do have a fabulous resource of people who can help me get the answers you need.


My question to you is this: What would you like to know and learn about first?  Please feel free to comment in the comment section above and I will answer as soon as possible.  If you don’t want to make a public comment, feel free to email me your question and I can try to help you right away as well.

I am only here to help.

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