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My Story

It’s all going to be online baby!
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I have 15 years experience trying to sell my work.   Those old methods  didn’t make me happy!   I know it is not easy for you – the artist- to sell your own work!

I found this fabulous tool called the internet.  You can develop great friendships online.

I need to share my story, I have the vehicle to shout it out to the world!  I can be of some service by helping my fellow artist learn and grow too!


I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on May 12, 1964. My background is in non-traditional trades for women, having piled lumber in sawmills, experience in construction and working as an industrial electrical apprentice. After physically designing and building my dream house in Fairmont Hot Springs, I had to let go of one dream, and continue with what truly makes me happy and mindful, working with clay.

Trezlie Making Mata Ortiz PotteryFortunately, I have been able to attend workshops with a few of the foremost potters in the industry. After studying visual art at Red Deer College I traveled to the porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, China for a two month residency to study with the masters and learn the traditional methods of working with porcelain. Afterwards, was the Eight Month Journey with Steven Hill having my work published in Ceramics Monthly. In 2009, I took a solo trip to study with Mata Ortiz Potter, Pilo Mora in Mexico. These processes learned are incorporated into my work and I am very grateful for each opportunity.

My son, Zayne and I are living in Creston, British Columbia slowly renovating a gutted house as time and money allow. I have always been a huge proponent of learning and sharing. I am committed to sharing my lessons helping others avoid the my mistakes. As an artist and a human being, I push myself to learn, grow and explore yearly.

Artist Statement


Trezlie throwingAs I harmonize with the wheel and the technical aspects seem to develop, I realize it is also the emotional attachment to the work that excites me.  The focus of my work revolves around our daily human rituals. I would like each vessel to evoke a memory of friendship, comfort, beauty or family. Each piece has its own form and function and should be used and handled daily. I love that people have intimate relationships with my pottery, plates used for family dinners, vases given for special occasions, a teapot part of a conversation between friends, or the simple mug caressed during a stroll through the garden. Unique individuals, but like friendships as a group on the kitchen shelf I hope they share the space by complementing each other.

I started pottery with the intent of eventually having my own voice.  While others were working in stoneware, I was introduced to porcelain because of the whiteness, strength and durability of the clay. I dabbled in different firing processes always finding reasons not to continue with any of them.  I drove my mentors crazy I am sure!  But one day during The Eight Month Journey Workshop Steven Hill said the word precious.   Little did I know that would be my beginning.  

I began my interest in Luster glazes after doing a Kosai workshop with Eduardo Lazo in 2009. I needed to develop my own non-leaded golden shiny glaze for porcelain.   This quest was my introduction to the alchemy of turning silver into gold.   My pottery is unique because of the elusive Flash Luster glazes I have researched and developed.  Unlike resin lustres or pigment lustres these elusive glazes were first introduced in the early 1900’s by Zolnay and Massier.  These luminous jewel-like glazes produce subtle mysteries to my forms, providing a highly reflective surface where colour appears changeable.  Further testing has led me to a matt variation that reminds me of the prairie sunsets of my childhood. There is focus, excitement and confidence in the studio.

Currently I am testing these glazes on the outside of my dinnerware.  I hope to encourage a sense of play – the iridescent metallic surface of different colours changing with the angle of reflection.  Since starting my own ceramic collection years ago I have realized that some have disappeared, some pieces broke, and some are my daily favorites. I hope you too will have yours. Enjoy!


1000 Year Celebration of Porcelain 052Articles

Articulate Summer 06  From Jingdezhen With Love   Trezlie Brooks Does China   Pages 8 & 9 PDF

The Eight Month Workshop-A Journey of Discovery  Ceramics Monthly 2008 June /July/August  PDF


Come join me on my journey, I am an emotional gush! Find out why here!






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