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Amazing things start to happen

Oh my!

So I started reading Danielle’s The Desire Map Book in December.  Her slogan was about making 2013 the best year ever.  I believe her and started doing what I could do to change my mindset and get out of the pitiful place that I was in.

Next she had me convinced to take Marie Forleo’s B-school.  Didn’t really have to twist my arm.  It was a course to learn how to build your own website and I was definitely looking for that.  I thought then that the serendipity was great.  I found exactly what I needed.  This course is so much more than I expected, I am just over halfway done and I can’t believe what I have learned already.  I am so thankful that it was sent in my direction.

So last week I got this amazing email.  I had to share on facebook!

So this is what happens when you read Danielle LaPorte and do Rich, Happy & Hot B-School! The Director at Amazing Canadian Fashion Magazine just sent me an email telling me “he loves my work and hopes to be able to work together towards an indelible photoshoot piece, to market my work, in their upcoming Fall/Winter Deluxe Holiday Edition” To have professionals photograph my work, and to feature my vision and personal stories is an opportunity of a lifetime! Funny, I woke up today thinking that I don’t remember who that defeated isolated starving artist was anymore. I am not broken, my experiences are to help someone else, I am so ready to tell my story! Thank you, thank you life!

Well, let me tell you it got better than that.  I decided I would send a reply to see how I would feel after meeting them (email) and decide if it was really as amazing as I thought this opportunity could be.

We had pages of meaningful conversation about art, kindness, social responsibility, thoughtfulness, business, culture and so on.  I don’t think I would have ever believed it.  Not only were they doing something that might benefit my future, but they also believed in the human spirit.  Pinch me!

I am very happy to say it is a done deal!  I am now waiting for the next step which will be scheduling a day for my 2 page photo shoot!  Be sure to go out and get ACF magazine, also available digitally on I-tunes.  I think they would be a fabulous magazine to support.

So I suppose the moral to my story is that if a person is truly passionate about all that they do, and all that they are, and they choose to be around those that love and support them, then the universe just gives one exactly what they need… Or even surprise them with amazing opportunities!

So, my question to you is this.  Can you remember a time when you something beyond your wildest dreams happened just because you were in a good place in your soul?

Please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear about your too good to be true moments that are of a positive nature.  There could be something to this momentum and I would love to hear your story!   Big hugs!

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3 Responses to Amazing things start to happen

  1. Wow – congratulations Trezlie – what a fantastic success story – yay. I have found in my life that the ‘almost too good to be true’ moments can come when you least expect them (and haven’t even dreamed them up yet) … when you’re in a great place emotionally and in your life. I remember back in 2009 when we were having fun building our house and I was out setting up my poly-tunnel garden (they’re called hoop houses in the USA) just happily enjoying the process and the adventure, the phone rang – and it was a music contact asking us if we wanted to be involved in a film. I had no expectation or idea of that – but it was such fun and a great experience – we got to perform on set and contribute studio tracks. The film is called ‘Your Highness’ and whilst you don’t see a lot of us in the final cut, you do hear us playing medieval music in the dance scenes :-)

    • I bet you are excited Trezlie – you deserve to be.
      As for the film, blink and you’ll miss us – but you can hear us all fine (I’m on woodwind). It’s a fairly cheeky comedy – but was fun to be a part of it.

      Here’s to many more ‘almost too good to be true moments’ for us all.

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