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Good day!

I have found some wonderful tools to help organize my life!  The first one I want to share is Evernote.

This is a free program that you can add to your computer and cell phone.

I contantly use the “Clip to Evernote” as I am surfing the web to save articles that I want to refer to later.  I used to write down the addresses in my daytimer but this is so much easier.  Its also great to see my saved content on whatever device I am using.

I am sharing the video here.


https://evernote.com/    They have great tutorials  both on on their website and on utube.

I hope this helps you save some time and makes your life a little easier.  Feel free to share with a friend!

Do you have ideas already how you would be able to use this tool? Just let me know in the comment section below.

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One Response to Evernote

  1. Hi Trezlie,

    I started using Evernote last year. It’s great for noting useful website addresses and I also use it as a notebook to keep client files together e.g. I clip info from emails, pictures of clients (of my animal clients – I work from photos) and session notes – and then they’re all in one place. It makes it easy to track progress over time or re-visit old client files.

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