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Focusing On The Needs Of Friends

Again the universe giving me exactly what I need…

I have been sicker than a dog this week. Embarrassing to say but I even had bladder issues at 1:30am as I woke up hacking with my chest cold…

Yes!  I get I need to take care of myself…  Checking out those green smoothies is going to be a top priority for me next week…

However last night I noticed the feelings of self doubt came back with a vengeance.  I wasn’t keeping up with my meditations or daily doses of positive self-talk, I wasn’t working on my art nor was I trying to figure out how I was going to help other artists developing their own online businesses.   Those voices in my head were with me all week.

The shift in attitude came when a girlfriend asked me my opinion about the Desire Map. http://bit.ly/WkeHi3  We texted back and forth a bit and it was obvious that I needed to phone her so we could talk.  The conversation was about surviving as a artist, trying to make a living and the outlets that are available to us.  It was obvious she was feeling defeated.

I let her know that I understood exactly how she felt.   It hurt me that she was second guessing her abilities as an artist.  Her work is stunning!

I let her know that I was developing a program to help artists make a website that is perfect for them and my reasons why.  At first she wanted to pay me to make one for her, but I explained the reasons she needed to do it herself.  Heck, I did it, and she could too!  I would be there to hold her hand, to support and encourage her.

There was an urgency in her tone, a desperation that I know well.   She was tired of things not working.

So as Marie Forleo says, start before you are ready.  I committed to helping her learn what she needed to step by step.  Her goal is to get her website up by summer.

Since I am doing what I do best and flying by the seat of my pants I am putting myself out there.

The serendipity for me was by putting my focus on helping my friend my feelings of self doubt disappeared.   I truly believe “yes there are people who need me” and this is why I am thankful.

If you too would like to try it and see send me an email at trezlie@trezliebrooks.com    I’d like to design a program based on your needs.  I promised I would send her her first lesson next week, so lets do this now!   Lets get your site up and running by summer!  This would also help me gain some experience and tweek my offerings  for my winter program.  I only ask for your feedback and/or a small donation.

My question for this post is “Was there a time that your feelings of self doubt vanished because you decided to focus your attention on helping someone else?”

I would love to hear your story in the comments below!

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One Response to Focusing On The Needs Of Friends

  1. Hi Trezlie, Woo hoo – great to see you leaping into action :-)

    To answer your question – yes. Sometimes when I have been in a vulnerable place / feeling self doubt or just feeling ‘off form’ and I’ve gone to ring a friend and then realized that they needed help even more than me – it amazed me how my energy could change so quickly and how, even in my vulnerability I could ‘be there’ for them – be useful for them and help them (when 10 minutes before I was the one wanting help).

    To experience this personally was doubly amazing for me – as I can be a bit of a perfectionist, always wanting my energy nice and aligned before I’d connect with people,especially before I’d volunteer to be of assistance. It was a real eye opener for me that I could be just as ‘useful’, even when things felt messy beforehand.

Love to hear your comments!