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Handbuilding With Clay – Pinching

My online pottery course starts today and I am really excited to share my passion of working with clay with others.

I am posting a clip of my course just in case you have the desire to try.  I am not proficient at pinching, however I do implement this technique for handles, etc…  It is is wonderful technique to learn about the working properties of clay.  Practise makes perfect…



Although I work on the potters wheel  – handbuilding with clay is a something you can do without investing in a lot of equipment.


I have used an air dry clay from Axner.    http://www.axner.com/air-dry-clays.aspx

You can paint your creation with acrylic paints after they are dry.   Please do not use them for food!


If you have any stories about working with clay please comment below.  I would love to here them.

I would also appreciate links to other potters websites proficient in the art of pinching…  Love to support other working artists!


Have a great week everyone!


PS.  If you would like to take my next class please sign up for my email list and you will get the information when it’s available.



Love to hear your comments!