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I never dreamed of becoming a rock star! Bull shit!

People said I was stuck up, no… I was just timid.  I tried being daring, it eased my fear. I liked it!

I have never dreamed of becoming the rock star. ooh boy.  bull shit!

I got this feedback today from a b-school babe.  Smack down!

I’m going to say this with as much love as I can muster: your language is too apologetic. The first couple lines after I click through to come off as, “we’ll, I’m glad you’re here, but it’s okay if you aren’t… Here are some things to do if it’s not too much trouble… Last thing I would want to do is to put you out.” Don’t convey apology anywhere, least of all the __introduction__.

Take more control back. Think of a great intro to someone in real life: strong, present handshake (not the death grip and *definitely* NOT the fish) and eye contact. You acknowledge “I see you, and I’m allowing myself to be seen.” There’s an exchange of energy. 

I feel like how it stands now, you excuse yourself out of being seen. As if you’re surprised that people would want to be there. I get that you want to present a sense of comfort? Ease? Authenticity? Ironically, in positioning yourself that way, I become uncomfortable, because I want you to drive the conversation. I’m on your turf, and I’d like to get the grand tour! You dictate the terms of the energy exchange. You set the bar. I follow your lead. I’m in your Rome, and I’ll do what you do. If you excuse yourself out of your own site with your copy, I will click elsewhere.
Again, this is some no holds barred feedback, and I give it because even though I’ve not been an active participant in the forums you’re in, it’s OBVIOUS to me what a COMPASSIONATE, GIVING human being you are. That bright spirit and love and gratitude isn’t at odds with being like, “Hey! Here I am! I make GREAT pottery that is beautiful and inspiring and made with LOVE just for you… AND I put that love out there through my newsletter where I do some heartfelt wordsmithing. I share ideas and quotes that intrigue and excite me in my work and my life that you may appreciate too.” 

I got my confidence smack down today!  I am a rock star!  I do great work!  It took someone else to remind me!  Going to be a whole lot of changes going on…  I can have it all!  Let’s rock!

Are you too secretly wanting to break out of your shell and let the whole world know that you are alive?  Tell me, what is one thing that you can do today to show that you are ready to shine?



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One Response to I never dreamed of becoming a rock star! Bull shit!

  1. Great advice Trezlie – it may have been quite a confidence smack down. I’m glad it got you ready to rock – yay.

    All this is simpler than we think – just be ourselves – or full uncensored, passionate, brilliant selves and bring all of that to the world (no watering ourselves down or holding back). Thanks for the great reminder.
    I am learning that not everyone will ‘get’ us and that’s just fine – when we shine we resonate with those that are right for us and really, nobody else matters. Shine brightly Trezlie.

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