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On the personal side of things

An amazing movement has been happening that I have just learned about, the conversation that we are not broken. Brene Brown giving us the language to understand that everybody is vulnerable at some point in their lives.   Danielle LaPorte (Desire Map) helps us with out feelings and how to live with the emotions that are and have always been inside of us.  Marie Forleo has the power to teach us that we want a whole lot more out of our lives and as a human being, to somehow make a difference.

I isolated myself for the last 10 years at least to protect myself from the humiliation of telling my story.  Health care providers wanted to give drugs, talk to the inner child and make you feel like there was something seriously wrong.  Always wearing my heart on my sleeve, I didn’t feel like I fit in, and today, I so understand the why, without belonging there will always be suffering.

In her newly released book, “the Desire Map”  Danielle told me I was worthy. Today I understand her words gave me the tools to create empathy and compassion for myself so I could let go of those feelings of shame.  It has been a bit of a journey, I do always decide to do things the hard way, lol!  however this shift has been making a world of difference in my life.  I am seeing how everything I have done in the past is coming together in one nicely wrapped package and I can see many possibilities for my future.  I am developing a fabulous network of supportive friends, I am excited and the serendipities that are showing themselves are truly incredible.

Almost 50, but I want to share my story to those who are trying to find their voice, who don’t know about all these wonderful resources and free content on the internet! We don’t need to go into details, but knowing there are other avenues to help you feel like you are listened to is a great feeling.  I understand, I get it, sometimes you feel like you don’t have a friend in the world.  You can start by being your own best friend. Do something nice for yourself and get Danielle’s book.  Be gentle with yourself. Just try it and see what happens…http://bit.ly/WkeHi3

Let’s shout it out to the world! Thank you Oprah and team. This was a fabulous episode.  Thank you Danielle, for the beginning of my new journey.  Thank you Marie for giving me the tools to truly believe what I have to offer is valuable.  Thank you world, to all the new information that is showing up on my doorstep.  But most of all, thank you life for not giving up on me… Love and kindness… Hugs




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