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Out of the studio…

Do It All With Passion!

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I am out of the studio for a couple months as I am enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School.  Please forgive me while I make the transitions from sunrisestudio.ca, sunrisestudio.co to my new  journey.  I do hope to have Sunrise Studio linked up to this page, however I haven’t decided if I want an online store or just have my fabulous customers contact me directly.  It has been quite busy, I am a one woman show, and I don’t want to be overwhelmed with promises I have made.

It is my strong desire to help ceramic artists become sustainable and profitable.  Most of my colleagues are passionate about what they do, they work extremely hard but earn little money. I am back at school, Marie Forleo’s RHH B-school,  learning how to help other artists with their online presence as well as apply these methods myself.  My mission… to help you create your online presence and feel passionate about it!
I also want to encourage everyone to get the most out of their life.  In the next couple weeks I hope to blog about my journey, and most importantly how this book has influenced me –  creating a new directions I never thought possible.  I am learning there is another incredible world out there, and if you are the emotional type, never feeling you really fit in, you are NOT BROKEN!

Please check out Danielle LaPorte and her new book The Desire Map here.

http://bit.ly/WkeHi3   It’s worth it!!!

You can also help… Spread the word!  Be a Creative Arts Supporter!  Get excited about your online artist & share her / his story. Thank you.



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