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Sunrise Studio


Are you my customer?  

You are tired of buying an item and finding out the neighbour down the block just purchased the exact same thing.  You hate impersonal shopping and only desire one on one attention.  You want to know who I am (the artist)  … you want a connection with me… I want you to feel like you are in control, working side by side choosing the perfect piece, I want you to feel valued, recognized and always accepted.  I want you to have an emotional attachment to my work (“I love it!”) and to know it was created especially for you.

I hated the pains of submitting to galleries and shows.   I despised feeling like I was in a stockyard as I tried to offer my life’s work.  I hated that trade shows were just big business, full of quick merchandising and throw away items.  I am not a  production potter.  I spend hours on each piece as I want to be proud of what I put out to the world.

I realize my work will be in your home surrounded by your friends and family.  Or it may be a gift that you give from the heart.  This is what is truly important.

I am so thankful we have found each other.  I do hope you see something you are looking for. ..


I want a kiln this tall!
I want a kiln this tall!

I uses porcelain clay on the potters wheel to create my forms.  Handles and finials are added during the leather hard stage.  The pieces are put under plastic to dry slowly and the final stages of trimming is done when the clay is bone dry.  I learned the traditional trimming techniques in Jingdezhen, China during my two month residency there. I prefer this method above the western ways of working. The pot is put upside down on a form so the lip does not crack from the pressure created and using traditional tools the excess porcelain is carved down while the wheel is spinning. Attention to the line of the form can be concentrated on when using this technique as well as the added benefit of having thin, translucent sides. The work is then sanded with wet dry silicon to remove the tiny particles of clay dust and glazing is done with a spray gun and compressor.

Depending on the temperature of the clay, the aesthetics she wants to create, different firing temperatures are used. The work is left in the kiln for a day to cool slowly. The pieces are then sanded for a smooth footring and inspected for blemishes.

Colour options are black or clear.

If you would like to see pictures from my trip to Jingdezhen, here is the page.


I am out of the studio for a couple months as I am enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School.  Please forgive me while I make the transitions from my old sites to my new  journey –  trezliebrooks.com

I will let you know as soon as I am back in the studio mindfully working on the potters wheel.  In the meantime, take a look, see if there is something that I do that you just can’t live without.  I will try to find the time to make it for you.

As it is important we have a relationship, please email me to see my current availability.  I try to have these forms in stock ready to glaze and fire in the colour of your choice.  I will send you some images for you to decide which you love the best either by email or text.




I always try to put my best work in the homes of others.

I keep my seconds for myself so please do not ask if I have a sale on blemished pieces.

If by chance you are not totally happy with the piece you have chosen, I offer a 30-day return policy.  If  it does not seem as beautiful in person or as you envisioned   please return it and I will gladly replace it.  I truly want you happy with the pottery you have chosen. If you decide that my pottery is not at all what you expected, and you can’t think of a person you could maybe gift it to, then I will most definitely refund your purchase price, less shipping.



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