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The Art of Kintsugi



I have had a few kiln disasters lately as I find a new porcelain to work with.



I have learned that cone 6 porcelain bodies do not appreciate being glazed in the inside only.  I wanted to apply a liner glaze in the inside of my ceramics, fire to vitrification and then apply the flash lustre glazes to the outside.  It did not work out to well.  I have since figured it out, but the accident led me to further research.


Broken (2)



I have learned to take these  disasters and learn from them.   Seek the direction the universe is pointing me in.  As this happened to me a few times, it was more like a thump on the head!





Of course my answers came to me within a couple days  I found this video on U-tube about the art of Kintsugi.






I believe it is the perfect metaphor for my life’s story.  A past, a life that was somewhat broken and the process of changing things to fix it to make it more beautiful and precious.  Enter the self help movement, etc. and my determination to start taking control of my future.



I have contacted Kintsugi Master  or  Kintsugi Souke  –  Showzi Tsukamoto about his school.  He was extremely quick with his response back to me. (another message that it is meant to be?)  I have not gone to a residency in years, maybe perhaps this will be my new journey after my son graduates? Time to put my call out to the universe!

I have learned that it is another art form that will take years to practice and be good at.  Isn’t it that what interests me?  I see videos of people mixing powders with resin and the glues oozing out…  this to me is not what this practise / art form is.  I know I want to learn the traditional ways of working.

The perfection in the detail is what I would like to master.

markmywordphotoartphoto  captured from the internet  markmyworld.com




I ask you today, how can you make your challenges more beautiful?   How can you overcome adversity and repair what seems broken?  Can you take something negative and turn it into something precious?  I’d love to hear what you have to say!  Please comment in the area below.




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