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My first pottery video.

Throwing Porcelain on the Potters Wheel With Trezlie Brooks from Trezlie Brooks on Vimeo.

I have been fortunate to have studied with the foremost potters in the industry.

Being a huge proponent of learning and sharing, I would like to create videos to help my fellow potter create works of beauty on the potters wheel. I will share how I throw my pottery as well as my tips and tricks that may help you on your journey with clay.

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I am hoping these will be especially beneficial to those without access to lessons or workshops, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, would like videos on specific techniques, or would like one on one coaching. I’m always happy to help.

PS Although this video has been made to help my fellow artisan, I understand it can also be used for meditation.



I have developed a way to provide one on one online coaching.  Contact me for details.



Why aren’t there more pottery websites? 

Have you ever seen a course at a residency to help you market your work?   The answer is simple.  There is nobody teaching it.  Isn’t that crazy?    I looked for years.

Here I will be adding a step by step course to help you build your online pressence and create a website you are passionate about.

Launch It Yourself:


Websites Made Easy:

Simple SEO: 

Expand Your Reach: 




3 Products Bundle:









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