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Why Blogging Is Good For Your Business & One’s Sanity

It has been a while since I posted on my blog, life just got in my way… So many things have happened these past few months; a trip to Mexico to get a smile makeover including 13 crowns and a partial,  troubleshooting a broken kiln,  but it was falling down my stairs and shattering my ankle the day before Thanksgiving (Canada) that defeated my spirit.  I learned this week  I am to spend another 6 weeks in a cast.      

I sit here feeling like a caged animal because I'm not able to throw on the potters wheel.  I realize once again when I don't feel like reaching out and connecting, it's essential that I do.  I spent the last few weeks feeling sorry for myself, watching the idiot box and feeling frustrated that I lost the holiday season going to shows and marketing my creations.  Today I decide to pick up the pieces and do something constructive.  I got on the computer and found this article about why it's essential to keep blogging.    


Blogs are also one of the best means to achieve excellent ranks among search engines. Thus, they must be excellently and aptly written for SEO purposes. But more than that, having a blog in your website puts the “human” factor of the business. Suffice it to say that readers, clients and everything else within the scope of your target market would find your business blog the “heart” of your website.

This should be the time for you to start thinking of your blogs to set your backlinks, create content and regularly post your work or promote your product through social networking sites.


Having a blog offers so many benefits; it can be used to improve your business in many ways. Understanding how a blog can help your business is the first step in marketing purposes. So what are the reasons why you should blog or have a business blog?

1. It builds credibility. Posting a blog regularly gives out information or updates of your product or services. If you don’t have the money to spend for advertisements, start your own blog posts to get the much needed publicity. A blog becomes the authentic source of credible information and acts like a spokesperson in your company.

2. It helps with SEO. No arguments here, actually. Every blog page you publish on your site gets indexed by the search engines. The more pages indexed, the greater the possibility that your page will be easily searched in the web. Build a link to your blog post. This will generate traffic to your site and eliminate the inconvenience of having to click through to the site.

3. Linking to social networking site. One way business are increasing hits to their blog is by sharing the blog on various social media sites. When you regularly post to your blog, you have more content to share with your network. Using a link in your social marketing page will drive more readers to your blog and more potential consumers to your door.

4. Communicate with customers. Having a blog makes it easy to communicate with customers. Like mentioned earlier, a blog is the “heart” of your business website. As more and more visitors come to your blog, they will not only get direct information but also can get immediate responses to their queries. Blogs also help you solve problems for your customer. You can write a detailed blog on how to solve the problem. This will build trust between you and your customers. They will consider you a source of information and service when problems arise. It will make you referable as an expert, and someone who is customer oriented.

5. Increases website traffic. If you post engaging content that presents value to your readers, then they will probably spend more time in your blog and continue coming back for more. As you produce more and more quality blog articles, your subscription rate will improve, this means more prospects, more warm leads and more sales in the future.

via 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging | Stringcan




Blogging should be the heart of my business.  I am an artist, an artist of life.  There is research I can do, things I can share and now would be a good time to make a list of all the ideas floating in my head.  I have saved content everywhere, google drive, evernote, dropbox, etc.  Blogging may help me organize and share things like my glaze recipes, quotes, information to help other artists with their websites or how Canadians can sell their work in the US.  I can curate topics that interest me. I can put my hopes and dreams out to the universe, one being my travelling studio in a greyhound bus..  Hm  Maybe I will even blog about my dental experiences in Mexico or how to walk after getting 2 plates in your ankle.  




Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the states!  I am thankful that I am an artist and able to pick up where I left off.  Maybe I wouldn't have these opportunities had I worked for someone else…

How has blogging been good for your business?  Or has blogging been good for your sanity?  Love to hear you in the comments!


Love to hear your comments!