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My Why

Sherman Hall mentioned in Ceramics Monthly a couple years ago that the typical potter learns how to make pottery and then tries to figure out how to sell it.

That has been my journey as well.

I have been going to workshops and residencies for years learning how to make my work better and find my voice.   There was never a marketing course for the ceramic artist.

We have a wonderful community, learning and sharing…

We learn how to centre, pull and form.  We find our clay, we learn how to glaze and fire.

We have programs and books for glaze calculations.

We learn to make our work and then…

we try to sell it.

We go to craft fairs, galleries, talk with other artists who are doing things the same way as they have for generations.

I don’t know about you but for me, the process was intimidating.

In the past I sold my wares at trade fairs and festivals.  As single Mom, this task was extremely difficult to coordinate!   I’m 8 hours away from a city.  Traveling and the added expenses for meals & hotels  just pissed me off.   One show, I didn’t even cover expenses!  I’m furious they do not guarantee their shows!

I was so jealous of the jewelers, easy set up compared to what I was doing…

Times have changed, few galleries pay you wholesale for your work and prefer if you consign.   I  wasn’t very good at justifying the costs for shipping and keeping work rotated…  I am sure it would have been easier had I have lived closer.  Maybe if I was able to pop in every couple months, but I couldn’t,  so …


I dabbled with Etsy.

I was confused.

I didn’t have the time to learn, well that was an excuse.  I was already frustrated!

Where can I go for business training?

Best case scenario would be to deal directly with my customer,

I just need to know how…


I was truly at a loss until I found a course from Marie Forleo.  She gave me all the tools I needed to understand the information I was seeking.


There is a better way!  I am now here to share my journey with you.  I love teaching.  I taught many to throw on the potter’s wheel.  I want you to have the tools you need to build yourself a website and be happy and confident with your online presence.  You do know everybody Google’s now.

You need to be representing yourself and your work!


Google Chrome 


I love Google.  I can access everything from the cloud!  I use gmail, google drive and utube on a regular basis.

There are tutorials on utube and you can learn how to use them all.

Learn to take advantage of google, you will find the information you need.

The Golden Circle

When you think about building and branding yourself and your website watch this first!

Think, act and communicate the complete opposite to everyone else!

This won’t be difficult, you already have many answers, you are an artist!


What is a blog?  What is an email list?  What is a newsletter?

I will take the time to walk you through the basics if you are not familiar with what it is all about.  I too am learning as I go,  but it is a fascinating world.  Presently I am writing a workbook to show you step by step how to set up your own wordpress website.  I will be offering it as a bonus if you subscribe to my newsletter.

I want to make things a little bit easier for you!

I spent 1 1/2 decades learning to be a good potter.  I am positive I can commit to being here helping you.  I’ve received my training  from RHH B-School I have the confidence to share my knowledge.  Hopefully you will find something you can use right away as I add more content.

I am really good at researching & I share!

Why aren’t there more pottery websites?  We work really hard, we love what we do!

Still, so many of us earn little money.

I had an online presence, I was horrible at it!

Branding and marketing is a key piece to the puzzle.

Then there is hosting and all the how to’s of credit card processing,

When I finally decided to sell my pottery online the only credible company that tried to cater to the artist was Shopify.

Don’t get me wrong, Shopify is a fabulous e-commerce hosting platform.  If you check them out, and love what they do, then it is a perfect match!   However for me, while this worked in the short term I have learned why you must have your own hosted address.

It is a relatively easy process to DIY using WordPress 1 step.

I’ll take the time to walk you through the necessary steps for your online business success. I like to start at the basics.  It is easy to learn when you have a step by step plan.  I received my training via Marie Forleo’s RHH B-School.  I am confident I can help.  I’m still learning as I go, but it is a fascinating world and I hope to make things a little bit easier for you.  Hopefully you will find something you can use right away as I add more content.






Information from http://wpmu.org/wordpress-org-vs-wordpress-com/


I have signed up to be an affiliate of these and I do receive a small payment for recommending them.  If you sign up using the links below, thank you.

I only recommend things I am passionate about!


Other People’s Books

Danielle LaPorte The Desire Map.

My first recommendation would be for you getting to know you.  I have read many self-help books in my time, but this one has truly made the difference for me.  By focusing on my core desired feelings, I am able to make decisions based on how I want to feel.  It has made such a positive difference in my world.


Interested? Get It!    http://bit.ly/WkeHi3


Website Tools


Even if you do not have you site up yet it would be a good idea to ask your customers to subscribe to your newsletter.  I have include a couple pdf’s for you to take a look at.

email-marketing-for-artists   aweber-overview









So, you don’t have the time to spend hours watching u-tube videos and searching google for how to do it?  Nathalie Lussier has the best & most affordable training videos!  I actually watched her and paused and did what she said and watched some more, repeat.  Step by step!   Click on a link, she has videos on her site and you can see if you enjoy her personality.  I did!


Launch It Yourself:


Websites Made Easy:

Simple SEO: 

Expand Your Reach: 



3 Products Bundle:





I love using the Headway Theme for WordPress.  Once you get used to using it it is very artist friendly.


No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With Headway

A friend of mine recommended a fabulous tool for a plugin for my website.  This little program saved me from feeling really stupid as I was just learning how to build my website.  It helps tweek your mail service provider and create a professional looking sign up form right on your website.  It also lets you change what you want to say depending on your content!  Marvelous, just marvelous!  I do hope to upgrade soon to the ultimate version.  It is called the Magic Action Box Pro.  http://jvz3.com/c/79515/3648


Now imagine the possibilities of hosting your own online workshop.  I found a fabulous tool  (plugin) that combines wordpress, google hangouts and utube together.



Free Website Tools

The Web Font Builder lets you see how the fonts look together.




Wordle: Porcelain 2

For quotes 

The Passionate Artist:  Online Bootcamp

If you think this is exactly what you need right away, I am looking for a few key people to “Test Drive” an online course I will offer.  This winter I will coach other potters and artists to diversify their stream of income.  Costs will be comparable to a two week residency, (bonus – without the lodging!)    If you are a motivated, positive individual with a willingness to learn then send me an email letting me know your reasons why.


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